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Charles Max Wood is the current Vice Chair for the Utah County Republican Party. He has served on the governing board for Odyssey Charter School for over 11 years. 4 years as the board's chair and 2 as its secretary. He has also been a podcaster for 16 years and a software developer for 17 years. He is accustomed to finding creative and effective solutions to a variety of problems.

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Parents should ultimately be in charge of their children’s education. Topics such as sexuality or Critical Race Theory should not be propagated in schools.

Large school districts like Alpine School District should split in order to better serve the varied concerns across the district.

Mask Mandates and Vaccines

The state should not force anyone to get a vaccine or wear a mask.

It should not force businesses to close, allow businesses to force vaccines on their employees or restrict the right to peaceably assemble.

Standing for What’s Right

Chuck has been canceled by the woke mob on Twitter. They tried to sink his business because he spoke out for what he believed.

He has proven that he can and will stand up for what’s true under pressure.  This doesn’t mean putting down those who challenge the truth,. It means he will stand up and boldly state the truth.

Growth and Infrastructure

Measures should be passed that encourage cities to widen major roads and highways in high growth areas to alleviate traffic.

Chuck will also work to keep the federal government from shutting down our mines and power plants.

He’ll also work with experts to devise ways to provide water and power statewide as we grow.

Federal Overreach

Many of our problems stem from the federal government pushing its agenda by granting money, issuing executive orders, or passing federal legislation on issues that should be handled by state and local governments.

Legislation and resolutions should be passed that allow the state of Utah to act on behalf of its citizens and challenge federal overreach.


Utah has been a great place to start, grow, and run a business. We should pay attention to the impact of laws we pass to ensure that we don’t hamper anyone’s ability to build the next generation of technology or to start a small business that serves their community.

From The Blog

Here are some videos and blog posts that explain how Chuck approaches the issues in Utah.